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FASS 2003: The lovable Juggles the Clown (Daniel Bates) sneaks up behind Wade Uvdeworld (Rick Fazekas).

About FASS

The FASS Theatre Company is serious about having fun -- we're a live cartoon on stage! We've been entertaining UW with variety and musical comedy since 1962, making us UW's longest-operating amateur theatre group. While the most fun occurs in January when over 100 cast and crew rehearse and prepare the show just in time for February, you can join us in our social events all year round!

FASS stands for Faculty, Alumni, Staff and Students. We welcome anyone and everyone and each year we see new friendships created and old ones renewed. If we're not too busy laughing at ourselves in rehearsals, trading jokes at writers meetings or sharing donuts backstage, you'll probably find us going out to a movie or throwing a famous FASS Party!

Member Handbook

Wondering about the time commitment required for FASS? Don't know much about the FASS Theatre Company? Take a look at the member handbook for a complete guide to being involved in FASS.

Current Show

To find out about our current show, visit the current show's webpage.


The constitution of the FASS Theatre Company is available for downloading in Word and PDF formats.

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