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FASS 2004: Gin De Bread (Yu-Hong Wang) and his ladies Shiela B. Good (Abigail Sayers, left) and Blanche Neige (Lisa Hagen, right) contemplate how much pimpin' ain't easy.

FASS 2011 - News and announcements

FASS 2012 CSW and Theme Meeting

posted 2011/3/2 by Selina Saba

Please join me in congratulating Henry Truong on his recent appointment as our 2012 Chief Script Writer!

Henry was our 2011 Assistant Director, and has been involved with FASS since 2005. We are very excited to have him on board and look forward to this year's script.

On that note, we have a date, time, and location for our theme meeting:

When: Thursday, March 10th
Where: Hagey Hall, Room 150
Time: 7:00 pm

Come out and help us next Thursday with narrowing down the choices for next year's script theme.

Annual General Meeting

posted 2011/2/16 by Selina Saba

Greetings, FASSies!

I'm happy to announce that we have set the date, time, and location for this year's AGM!

Where: Humanities Theatre, on the stage
When: Sunday, March 20th
Time: 1pm

What will we be doing?

What should I bring?

And don't forget - next year is our 50th anniversary. Come join us in kicking off this momentous occasion!

Looking for information about FASS 2011?

posted 2011/1/29 by Stephen Snuggles Skrzydlo

Our shows are:

*This show is the "heckling" show, where audience participation occurs. This show runs longer than others.

If you'd like to buy tickets you can find information here.

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